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 About Candy Perfume Girls!

Welcome to Candy Perfume Girls - the first online female Madonna community! While we are not exclusive to girls, (as anyone can participate), we will focus on a lot of fun stuff that Madonna's female fans will enjoy. I got this idea from the very awesome site, MadonnaTribe, when a fan wondered on their message board where all the female fans are. Well, we're definitely out there and more excited than ever for Madonna's new album, single, Motorola commercial, video and live appearances!

We would like to hear from you on your thoughts about Madonna's recent forays into the cell phone and iPod worlds. Will you buy the phone? Get the ringtone? Do you have it already? What about the ITunes promotion? Let us know your thoughts and chekc out our future layout for the site as well as some great links to articles you might enjoy. Have a great week!

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