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Welcome to our new online store that focuses on all the cool Madonna memorabilia out there, plus fun girlie items you just can't live without. This week, we focus on purses and what girl can live without that? We look at some cute Madonna purses, homemade finds, and how you can buy or even make purses of your own! Enjoy!

Featured CandyShop find

Madonna purses!

We girls sure love our purses. Why, I've got four boxes full in my closet alone! Much like the right belt or pair or shoes, it sure makes your outfit. And what could be better than a purse with Madonna's gorgeous mug staring back at you? Why, that goes with everything! She may not be as easy to find as say, Marilyn Monroe, for purses, but there are some out there! You just have to know where to look!

Fancy getting this purse? Try PurseHeaven, which custom makes a cool Madonna purse for you!

Your best bet is eBay for the most selection. Some of these great purses were found there. Specialty shops like Urban Outfitters or Purse Heaven often carry the see through record bag or cigar box purse. Still better yet, you can go to a store like Michael's or online for products to make your own purse! My friend Michelle made quite a few for me like this great fringed Music/Immaculate logo purse and MTV change purse.

Want to learn how to make a cigar box purse of your own? Click here!

Also, click here for purse making materials!

If you want to learn how to knit or sew, there are many kits to get you started as well! Madonna herself has had a few great purse accessories, especially during her reign as Breathless Mahoney and now her new English Roses line may bring more purses into the mix. However you look at it, having a Madonna purse is not just a "status symbol", but a great way to show your love of the diva to everyone who sees you.

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