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Welcome to our newest update! We have enjoyed the positive feedback from girls, (and boys!) on what we are doing and we look forward to more. Enjoy new updates including Gwen Stefani, more from Denise Bella, Madonna purses and an inspirational story from Joanna. Enjoy!
Look of the Week!

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Madonna sets the trend in 1995 for  winter wear with the cutest silk pajamas and hot shoes! Take some time out for some luxurious night wear shopping this weekend and take a chance on silk!


CPG definitely recommends...

80's aerobics meets spunky club fun! Madonna doesn't just confess on the dance floor, she shatters it in this ground-breaking video that pulls up retro references left and right while still staying fresh and fabulous. CPG girls are requesting this on TRL everyday! Make sure you are too!


Denise Bella Vlasis is thrilled to share her love of impersonating with all of you, and even has more to say specifically to all cpg's and Mo fans - read on and learn more about this great gal and her thoughts about female power!

CPG Girls Love...Gwen Stefani!

You ain't no hollaback girl! But you think Gwen is divalicious, love her "bubble pop electric" grooves and can't wait to catch her on tour. Madonna even likes this gal, and her energy is contagious! Read more about her here...

CPG Girls also love...Versace!

Madonna Purses!

Purses...where's a girl without them? Even better when it's got your icon staring back at you on it! We take a look at the cool purses out there with Madonna's image or made by Madonna fans and how you can get...or make some of your own!  

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We asked and you answered! Madonna fan Joanna told us about how Madonna inspires her through her love of movement and her healthy lifestyle, she also tells us why she chose this special picture to represent a powerful female moment to her. Read on here!

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