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Madonna has inspired me to physical movement and healthiness and to developing my spiritual thinking. I am very different from Madonna, I'm physically ugly, introverted character. But following her example I have done Pilates, ashtanga and hatha yoga and that has given me not only physical but also mental strength. I started to eat more healthy a few years back, once again following her footsteps. 

I have started to take care of my face using the same products she uses for example Dr Hauschka, Dr Brandt, Yonka etc. That way I have started to like my face a bit more even though other people still don't like it.. I read a few books of kabbalah and found some simple wisdom in those books even though I could never be a follower or a financial supporter kabbalah centre since I see that movement a little bit cultish. But I realize the wisdom in kabbalah itself and totally understand Madonna's involvement in it. 

I am proud to be a woman since there is great women like Madonna. She has proven a lot about womanhood to the whole world. Thank you Madonna. 


"I would like to use this photo where Madonna is openly celebrating her success and winning. It's not too often in this world when media shows pictures of winning women. It's a long known fact that for example in sports they more often publish pics of women losing a competition, not winning it."